AL 510 - AL 540

The ideal solution for opening systems of high performance and large openings.

The system consists of curved as well as minimal design profiles, which makes it suitable for any type of architectural style. It has special waterproof and airtight foamy EPDM rubbers ensuring a maximum degree of waterthightness. There is a wide range of profiles that covers multiple architectural applications.

AL 410

A light, flexible and cost-effective system for multiple applications. Ideal for large projects, it offers rapid and easy installation. It is easily combined with AL 205. It is also ideal for renovations and new constructions that require a small rail width.

AL 205

Reliable and economic solution for small and medium openings. Furthermore, it offers several options among the wide range of profiles, covering multiple architecture applications.

This system has an additional removable aluminium profile on the rail for easy sliding. It offers maximum security with a multiple locking system.

AL 230


A true achievement of design in sliding systems. The contemporary lines, the smooth and quiet operation of this sliding system, make it a favourite amongst architects and home owners.

This system offers maximum security with the use of multiple locks. An ideal combination of sash windows with a fixed or opening frame.


  • Strong rail connection for the construction of overlapping frames with split connection angles.
  • Normal, noiseless movement of the sliding sashes on a stainless built-in rail that ensures long-life and avoidance of color fading.
  • Rebate for two-sheet sliding sashes without visible taps.
  • A particularly strong and distinctive internal stop for two-sheet sliding sashes.
  • Distribution of the sliding door centre of gravity on symmetrical rails for minimizing friction.
  • Sash with a hidden cap of the support rubber for mosquito net.
  • Excellent aesthetic result.
  • Cover strips connected with split angles, ensuring a perfect connection without joints, even on uneven walls.
  • Absolute impermeability in all joints.
  • Easy construction and installation.
Orama minimal frame

Exalco presents the new ORAMA system, which provides minimal and flawless architectural aesthetic, upgrading your living space. ORAMA is a detail-focused innovative system of great quality, that brings efficiency and modern elegance in balance.
--The thickness of the maximum visible vertical surface is only 3cm.
--All sliding typologies are available including single, double, and triple track systems as well as corner-free solutions that open your vision to 360 degrees.
--The high capacity stainless steel rollers and tracks allow smooth sliding action and extreme ease of movement with large glass areas.
--Concealed electric drives and locks can be used to increase operating comfort and to increase the security level of the opening.
--The high-quality multi-locking point system developed by ORAMA offers the best possible burglar resistance in accordance with European standards
AL 410

Aluminco's thermal break system AL 450 is a thermal break system of high performance suitable for demanding constructions which offers the absolute security by mean of a perimetric locking. The series gives the ability to construct frames for adverse weather conditions thanks to the use of specially reinforced polyamides 24mm.

The maximum security provided by the use of multiple lockings combined with the high performance of thermal and sound insulation guarantee excellent quality, functionality and significant energy saving.

  • Special multi-chamber central gasket that secures optimum impermeability preventing thermal shift.
  • Special alignment corner that incorporates mechanical fastening of the sash profiles, increasing thoroughly the overall rigidity of the frame while providing excellent aesthetic results.
  • Limited number of profiles covering all constructions.
  • Three levels of sealing.
  • Option of stainless steel locking mechanism on perimetric system and CAMERA EUROPEA system.
  • Manufacturing capabilities with bead cutting of 450 degrees and snap-joined bead for excellent aesthetic result to the inside of frames.
  • Curtain gaskets that prevent the transmission of moisture to the internal of the glazing.
AL 570 & AL 570 Dynamic Plus

AL570 is a thermal break system of high performance suitable for demanding constructions which offers the absolute security by mean of a perimetric locking. The series gives the ability to construct frames for adverse weather conditions thanks to the use of specially reinforced polyamides 34mm. Τhe maximum security provided by the use of multiple lockings combined with the high performance of thermal and sound insulation guarantee excellent quality, functionality and significant energy saving.


Sliding Thermal Insulating System with diversion for hyper performances.

The Aluminco SL2900 is a top performing sliding system with innovative and unique features, offering elegant constructions and satisfying large-scale requirements.

The art of minimal architectural design with first in class performance in terms of thermal insulation, air-and water-tightness, and the value-added SOFT CLOSE function, are some of the reference points that dominate and make the SL 2900 unique.

This top-ranked system belongs to the new generation of architectural Aluminco systems, which are based on modern architectural trendsincorporating cutting-edge technology whilst offering unrivaled functionality, with unprecedented for its time performances.

Features and benefits

  • Top level thermal insulation Uw=0.89 W/m²K thanks to the 24 mm reinforced polyamides.
  • Exceptional performance in water and air tightness.
  • Ability to use triple glazing for optimal sound reduction and maximum energy saving.
  • Maximum transparency and light penetration thanks to face width of 64 mm and a concealed outer frame.
  • The use of a concealed mechanism, the SOFT CLOSE damper, prevents damage caused by improper operation when opening or closing the slide sash and protects against any risk of injury.
  • Suitable for covering large openings, with a maximum height of 2.5 m and width of 5 m, retaining their functionality and credibility.
  • The sliding hardware can reliably withstand sash weights of as much as 250 Kgr.
  • Three different track options offer ideal solutions depending on operational needs and performance levels.
  • Smooth and easy operation of the system, even in demanding dimensions and robust constructions, is achieved because of the unique mechanism which guides the sash more gently and harmoniously into the locking position.

Sliding Thermal Insulating System with minimal face widths

SL2450 is the next generation that upgrades the AL220 existing product line, offering unlimited enhanced features and unrivaled characteristics.

The SL2450 harmoniously combines all the functional benefits of a minimal lift and slide system and at the same time offers impressive thermal insulation, water tightness and resistance to wind load.

The system combines up to date architectural aesthetics and exceptional functionality along with top durability and performance.

Features and benefits

  • High level of thermal insulation Uw=1.59 W/m²K due to the 32 mm glass reinforced polyamides.
  • Minimal style and straight lines in combination with the low driver offer particularly elegant structures and facilitate the access.
  • Profile width 51 mm at the junction point in order to maximize transparency and light penetration.
  • The lift sliding mechanism offers smooth sliding and maximum functionality along with even better thermal insulation.
  • The built-in handle at the junction point of the slim hook, offers higher strength and robustness in construction and increased resistance to wind load.
  • Ability to implement a variety of typologies.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Ideal solution for new constructions and hotel renovations.


Lift - sliding
2Leaf sliding, 3Leaf sliding, 4Leaf double sliding, 6Leaf double sliding, 2Leaf sliding with insect screen, 2Leaf sliding with fixed, 2Leaf sliding with fixed and insect screen, 1Leaf sliding with fixed
Lift – sliding pocket
1Leaf-2Leaf sliding with glass, 1Leaf-2Leaf sliding pocket with glass-insect screening system, 1Leaf-2Leaf with glass- rolling shutters, 1Leaf-2Leaf with glass-insect screen-rolling shutters.

FD 4600

FD 4600 is a brand new Bi-Folding door system, offering extremely high performance and impressive, out of competition, technical characteristics.

The desire to create living spaces filled with daylight was never so feasible. This high performance system offers this advantage, as well as a minimal design, high insulation and functionality with hardware that have specifically been designed for folding systems.

Suitable for many different typologies, having the greatest advantage of corner opening without any column. This unique feature ensures maximum transparency and easy opening, whilst another practical feature is that one leaf can act as an opening door without interrupting the other folding leafs.

FD 4600 is available in multiple threshold options in order to perfectly match all comfort and aesthetic requirements. The low threshold option offers a rise of only 24 mm (ramp) giving easy access to people with special needs and allowing maximum convenience for high-traffic areas.

Specially designed rolling hinges, sliding smoothly on the bottom rail, ensure quietly and easily operation of the system.


  • High level of thermal insulation (Uf values down to 2,3 W/m2K) due to 30 mm polyamides.
  • Exceptional water tightness, functionality, reliability and comfort.
  • Suitable for large openings, every conceivable configuration achievable up to 14 leafs (7 Left – 7 Right) with maximum height 3 m and width of 1.20 m for each leaf.
  • Ultra-smooth bottom running by using specially designed rolling hinges carrying maximum weight of 120 kgr per leaf.
  • Possibility of open corners without any post.
  • Able to open inward or outward door with locking system.
  • Possibility of even number of openings (2, 4 etc.).
  • Multiple threshold options.
  • Special hinge with integrated built-in handle for easy locking.
  • In and outward opening using the same profiles.
  • Perfect choice for private homes, offices, restaurants and recreational areas.
I300 Series

Panel series I300 represents a new trend in the market, both in the main entrance doors of houses and business premises, applying a unique aesthetic in the entire space.

They combine the most modern materials, such as fused glass (fussed glazing) with stainless metal (inox) and aluminum, and they are available in many innovative designs and colors, and many imitation wood shades for the most demanding needs.

Windows are double glazing and protective fuses are made of steel, for enhanced protection against fracture.


  • Innovative design
  • Double glazing
  • Fused glazing with inox for extra resistance and high aesthetics
  • Exceptional thermal and sound insulation coefficient
  • Certified powder coating and wood imitation shades


All over the world, Roto is synonymous with innovative, individual and secure hardware systems that increase the added value of windows and doors for people.

Our solutions combine intelligent security, energy management and comfort in buildings, and in so doing create genuine “inner values” for all concerned.

Roto is closer to the customer

On our way to becoming the market leader in window and door technology, we have always sought dialogue with our customers and have focussed strongly on their desires and requirements.

Customer proximity stands for a reliable and stable partnership. In addition, customer proximity is the result of and at the same time the basis for technically trailblazing products and services targeted to the customer’s needs – making it the decisive prerequisite for the success of our partners and customers alike.


After more than 100 years of success, Gretsch­-Unitas is one of the leading suppliers of window and door technology, automatic entrance systems and building management systems. We offer an unrivaled selection of pro­ducts ranging from window hard­ware for single-familiy homes through to compre­hensive building and facility manage­ment sys­tems. You are also welcome to con­tact us if you need a system pro­vider within the scope of CE cer­ti­fica­tion


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